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Foam Pit Cubes

Foam Types
Acoustic Foam

Standard Sizes
6"x6"x6" cubes and 8"x8"x8" cubes

All 13 Colors


Ideal for adding both safety and fun to the mix, foam pit cubes give you a reliable solution for your gym or gymnastics center. This smart solution is perfect for use as a crash pad for lots of different applications and is well suited to areas such as trampoline parks, skateboard parks, and BMX courses. Offering a soft cushioning that is also sturdy enough to help reduce safety concerns, these foam pit cubes work well with providing cushioning support against low-level stunts or falls. Foam pit cubes can also be used for fun! They can easily be used in pits for kids to play around and have a cushiony landing zone. Choose from a range of colors to fit the d├ęcor of the location, as well as popular sizing options to get the right cushion for the job.


  • Fire Retardant, Meets Cal TB 117
  • Open Cell Polyurethane Foam
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • 6" cube pack of 96 will fill about 12 cubic feet of space
  • 8" cube pack of 54 will fill about 16 cubic feet of space
Foam Pit Cubes
(96-Pack) 6"x6"x6"
Foam Pit Cubes
(54-Pack) 8"x8"x8"

NOTE: Products may carry a size tolerance, depending on style. Please see our Tolerance Table.