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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a Foam Sack? Is it any different than an old-fashioned beanbag chair?
High quality products start with high quality materials. Our Foam Sacks are filled with shredded polyurethane foam, not to be confused with the white, polystyrene bean bag pellets many are familiar with. Polyurethane foam is what couch cushions and foam mattresses are made of, and we shred brand-new, high quality sheets of this material to create a luxurious, plush, and durable filling material for our Foam Sacks.

In addition to the resilient, fluffy filling we use, our covering fabrics were selected because of their durability, for years of continued use. We source our polyurethane foam from American companies, and with the foam shredded, the covers sewn, and the sacks stuffed at our facility in Southeast Michigan, we're proud to say our Foam Sacks are made in the USA.

What’s the Guarantee/Warranty?
Every Foam Sack has a 30-Day Guarantee starting from the product's shipping date, or invoice date for in-store pickups. Products must be returned in factory condition, and any changes to the factory condition of the product will void the Guarantee. This includes, but is not limited to: re-stitching, tears, tampering with filling, punctures, stains, and odors.

Foam Sacks have a 3-Year Warranty. If we determine the fabric, seams, zippers, or foam have failed within this timeframe, they may be returned for replacement. All you have to pay for is the shipping and handling. In order to return the product, we need a copy of the original packing slip received in the package, which contains the date of purchase. This warranty is void if we determine that the product has been abused or was/is used in a commercial setting. For more information on returns, visit our Customer Service page.

What are my size and color options?
With six sizes and twelve passion suede cover colors to choose from, there are plenty of possibilities at your disposal for finding a Foam Sack perfect for you! Take a look at our Colors Page for examples!

I got the box, now what do I do? (And hey, this package seems pretty small!)
We substantially vacuum-pack Foam Sack orders for shipping purposes. We're able to do this due to the quality and resilience of the foam, as once it is released from the packaging, it will "re-inflate." Upon removing your Foam Sack from the packaging, it may take a few hours to return to a usable size, and potentially a few days to return to full size. To help expedite the expansion process, occasionally rolling and fluffing the foam will help it fill out. Take care not to cut into the package contents when opening your shipment.

Is there anything I need to do to with my Foam Sack in terms of upkeep?
Our outer covers are machine washable. Covers must be washed on the delicate cycle in cold water and allowed to air dry. Be sure that the zipper is completely closed during the washing and drying process to prevent it from snagging inside the machine. Other than cleaning, the sack may need to be fluffed from time to time in order to maintain its fullness.

I'd like to buy an empty cover/liner and stuff it myself, but I'm not sure how much shredded foam I'll need.
If you're looking to DIY your own Foam Sack for customized fullness and comfort, we sell empty covers/liners, as well as a variety of shredded foam to help you accomplish your goal. Our filling suggestions for a not too firm, not too soft Foam Sack are below. You can adjust for more if you would prefer a firmer cushion, or less for a softer one. This guide is also helpful if you already have a beanbag chair in need of new or higher quality stuffing.

3' Cover (Round): 1 Large Bag of Shredded Foam
4' Cover (Round): 2 Large Bags of Shredded Foam
5' Cover (Round): 3 Large Bags of Shredded Foam
6' Cover (Oval): 4 Large Bags of Shredded Foam
7' Cover (Oval): 6 Large Bags of Shredded Foam
8' Cover (Oval): 7 Large Bags of Shredded Foam