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Adhesive Backing for Foam

Adhesive Types
Avery Dennison FBR 8950 60#


Avery Dennison FBR 8950 60# is a general-purpose rubber adhesive made up of a polyester film carrier and a calendered kraft release liner. The adhesive itself is a double coated tape construction. This backing can be applied to a large variety of closed-cell foams for easy application to other substrates.

This adhesive retains a high tensile strength on the foam it is adhered to, and it works well when cut using die cutting methods.

This adhesive can be utilized for a large number of bonding applications, and can be used on most materials, including: vinyl, mirrors, and tiles.


  • Durable for an extended lifespan
  • Dimensional stability
  • Strong bond and good converting performance
  • Temperature range of up to 160 °F
  • High tensile strength
  • Easily cut with water jet and die cutting
  • Consists of a polyester film carrier and a calendered kraft release liner
Foam Type for Adhesive Backing
Price Per Sheet/Roll
Polyethylene per 108" x 48"
Gym Rubber per 96" x 54"
Neoprene HQ per 80" x 48"
Neoprene 2045 per 40" x 48"
EPDM Rubber per 42" x 52"
Crosslinked Polyethylene per 72" x 48"
Minicel per 72" x 48"
YoungBoard Conductive XLPE per 71" x 35"
Volara per 50ft Roll (60" Wide)
Volara per 150ft Roll (60" Wide)
Volara per 200ft Roll (60" Wide)
Volara per 300ft Roll (60" Wide)
Volara per 600ft Roll (60" Wide)

NOTE: The manufacturing process for this product has a typical lead time of 3 weeks plus shipping time.

NOTE: Prices shown are for the adhesive backing option. Foam cost is extra.

NOTE: Adhesive Backing is not a standalone product. It can only be purchased alongside one of the listed foam types and their respective dimensions. Full sheets only.

NOTE: Adhesive Backing is not recommended for use in wet or underwater conditions, as this can cause the adhesive backing to not function properly. Please make sure all materials are dry before adhesive is applied.

NOTE: Adhesive backing is not recommended for use outdoors. Our adhesive backing will only function properly in dry indoor conditions.

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