Acoustic Grid Foam

Foam Types: Acoustic Foam
Standard Sizes: 2"x66"x43", 2"x69"x45"
Colors: Charcoal

Pyramid FoamFor a neat, woven aesthetic that helps reduce bouncing sound waves, Acoustic Grid panels give you performance with a unique appearance. Available in a two-piece interlocking set, one panel contains a "framed" edge, with the other having no edge. The coverage of these panels makes them a smart method for effectively treating large areas. Acoustic Grid panels "stand out" on the "framed" panels, and are "cut out" on edgeless panels.

Acoustic Grid Foam Set of 2
2" x 69" x 45"


NOTE: Products may carry a size tolerance. For more information, see our Tolerance Table.

Set of 2: The 2 Panel Set contains one "framed" 69"x45" sheet, and one 66"x43" edgeless sheet.

ALL acoustical products (charcoal & colors) meet ASTM E84 Class A and California 117 flame retardant specifications. Generally, this means if you were to briefly expose our foam to a flame, the foam will self-extinguish.
We do not encourage anyone to try flame tests themselves. We don't want anyone getting hurt. Also, please check building codes before installing our acoustic foam, because different building codes apply to different locations.

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