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Spray Adhesive

Types: Camie and 3M
Packs: Single

3M® Super77: This spray adhesive is suggested for use with our closed cell foams and open cell foams. Example uses are with neoprene, polyethylene, mounting acoustic foam, cushions, custom packaging, and arts and crafts. NOT for use with polystyrene (aka EPS, Styrofoam).

Camie® 373: Suggested for Polystyrene foams (EPS). (The Camie® 373 will not melt or dissolve Polystyrene.)

How To: How To Use Spray Adhesive - General Application (PDF)
How To: How To Use Spray Adhesive - Mounting Acoustic Foam (PDF)

3M Super 77
Single / 16oz
3M Super 77
12 Pack / 16oz
Camie 373
Single / 13oz
Camie 373
12 Pack / 13oz

IMPORTANT: Spray adhesive is ineffective at bonding foam to painted or bare concrete or cinderblock walls. For permanently adhering foam directly to these surfaces, heavy-duty construction adhesive is suggested. Note that this will damage the foam and leave residue on the wall if removed. For non-permanent installation, we suggest mounting the foam to a substrate, such as plywood or sturdy cardboard, and hanging the mounted tile(s). Our spray adhesives may be used to form the foam-to-substrate bond.

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